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DoD Skillbridge Internship Program

The Williamsburg Winery and Ecco Adesso Vineyards are offering a wonderful opportunity with the DoD SkillBridge Internship Program! Through this program, we are seeking 2-5 participants at each location who will learn an end-to-end lifecycle from grape to glass with a focus on trade, wine club, and event sales, in parallel with viticulture and enology Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs).


This individual will be asked to perform specific tasks based on provided, self-paced curriculum and training videos that serve to support the intern with task demonstrations. Assessments will be given for level of performance. Both winery locations offer a safe workplace and learning experience that assists participants to prepare for employment by observing and performing within the employer’s operating environment, and the work activities performed by members of the employer’s workforce.


This position works directly with the General Manager, with mentorship opportunities alongside our vignerons, sommeliers, vintners, viticulturists, enologists, sales team, and farm engineers, learning to facilitate daily harvest and winemaking duties. Interns will work with members of the cellar and tasting room to achieve daily milestones. Paired with the employer’s workforce, our interns will learn how to cultivate vineyards for winemaking, crush and press grapes, monitor the settling of juice and the fermentation of grape material, analyze grape quality, coordinate process of wine making, pair wine, manage vineyard and winery operations, conduct wine tastings, breed and evaluate new varieties of grapes, and participate in trade, wine club, and event sales.


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